Friday, 14 August 2015

Mistakes Made

Waiting for EndNote to download this evening is admittedly one of the most relaxing things I've done this week. The rest of the week that has passed, from Sunday to this Friday, is not quite so simple nor relaxing. In fact, everything that has happened since I shot Kelly and Dilani at the harbour have done a startlingly thorough job of keeping me away from blogging, or photographing anything at all for that matter. But we always come back to the things that really matter and are important to us. Which is why I'm here, waiting for EndNote to install and update, with ten tabs of legal research open.


Thinking back to this afternoon also reminded me that life is always about learning. Today, I am learning about Indigenous youth incarceration, earlier today, I was learning about advertising models. On this given evening where Kelly and Dilani happened, I realise now that I was learning about directing models, learning more about my camera, and learning more about light. And as with all instances of learning, we inevitably make mistakes.

But I also believe in the potential of goodness and even more learning when it comes to mistakes, so don't be scared to make some more. And of course, to consider the central premise of my Ethics, Law and Justice assessment - a key part of self-management is to make mistakes, and learn from them, so that this time, you might do better. Of course, this suggests that you will eventually reach a point of stasis, where all the mistakes you have made and all the lessons you have learned will mean you will have a semester where you don't pull all-nighters and everyone is great at group work.

I maintain that this isn't true, and at least I can say for myself - that I will continue to make mistakes until the end of my life. But at least I'll do my best to not be so afraid of them, and learn from them.
May you all hand in your first round of assessments on time, and maybe I won't make a fool of myself in my first round of mooting.

In the name of Junior Mooting,
Love, M. x
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