Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Difficult Light

I haven't checked back for a while, and a visit from me is really overdue. I covered a birthday unofficially last week, and admittedly I had a difficult time with lighting. ISO went off the charts, and I didn't have a flash unit with me either, leaving me to fend with just a prime lens. Frankly, I have been thinking about switching up cameras for a while now - going full frame and probably getting a 50mm. But at the same time, I feel a lot of uncertainty. Because an investment is meant to mean something. It means that I'm taking photography seriously, and I want to do better and greater things with it. Gear doesn't define how good of a photographer you are, but speaking in realistic terms, there are some technical limitations that my trusty d5000 can't overcome.


I leave these grain-riddled and focus-troubled images here as a reminder and just a memory of the trials and tribulations of shooting in bad conditions, and making the most of it. What would photography be without a challenge?
May everybody's semester's end with HDs and great pub crawls.
Love, M.
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