Sunday, 29 March 2015


It's kind of late, but flashback several hours ago, and I was having the absolute best time shooting Alice. I'm starting to get better at giving directions for my models, and I guess there's only up from here! It was really uplifting to do some creative work again, especially in the face of my relentless schedule (#zhangstyle). I'm also a big believer that everybody should have some really nice photos of them somewhere, and it was an absolute pleasure to talk and shoot and laugh with Alice today.


I have a lot more things lined up in the coming week, so for once, I'll be doing more than scraping my one post a month record. I'm also building a tumblr portfolio here (currently password protected, but get excited kids). I am a little worried about the url confusing some people in future, but I think I'll hang onto it for now. Feedback would be appreciated when it launches. I don't know how deep I should be getting into this photography thing, but for the moment, I just really enjoy taking pretty pictures of beautiful people.

A shout out to everybody having a tough day. Tomorrow's probably better. Liberal state government or not.
Getting political today.
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