Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Little Bit of Sydney

The one thing that I've learn about university since starting is that it's fast-paced, and I don't know how to keep up. But what I have learnt to do is fit a stupid amount of things into a very limited time frame and somehow still make it work. Side effects include eyebags, reduced drive to do pilates, and general anxiety about self-worth and potential to achieve a distinction average. Let alone read all the content.

And of course, when your life is starting to fall apart, the thing to do is go back to blogging. I think some call this relaxation - or taking a break - before diving back into the mountain of work. I call this procrastination, because we need to stop using euphemisms and just say it as it is.


At least my procrastination is pretty gorgeous.

Work hard, kids. Party later.
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