Friday, 12 December 2014

Gridded (Part 2/2)

Film photography is both the starting point and the aspiration for anybody with an even slight interest in aiming a camera. The #selective crew may have done a little impulse spending with our newest acquisition (we vow never to research alternative prices offered for this camera), but at the end of the day, I don't think we really regret anything at all.
Also, building a camera is truly relationship-building.

The next couple of days were spent cradling our new lomography konstruktor and slowly working out its idiosyncrasies and truly coming to understand it as the newest edition to our expensive family of camera gear. We may have wasted half or more of our first roll of Ilford B/W film, but it's a learning process. There's no point in crying over overexposed/underexposed film.

We got excited about some things we spotted on the streets. Photography brands be repping big signs.

Chinatown wanderings meant a compulsory visit to a Shanghainese restaurant. Despite good reviews, we were disappointed. It seems that Sydney remains a better provider of authentic Chinese cuisine. Melbourne has yet to catch up.

All in all, Melbourne was good for us. We needed the break, and we needed each other for a while. I may crave filled up schedules and a busy lifestyle, but I guess I also needed time to slow down and cast away concerns. No deadlines, no worries. Good things will come so long as you work for it. I like to reassure myself with these thoughts.
Love, M.
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