Sunday, 23 November 2014

George St

The irony in the title is that I spent most of my day on George St but the one photo I post wasn't even taken on George St. And my purpose for going out was actually a job interview, not to do photography. But the story is that around a month and more ago, I emailed an online fashion publication looking for street style photographers. At first, when I thought about it, street style can't be that hard. But then when they wanted me to ask strangers for permission to take a photo of them.

It got hard. Really hard.

But I thought back to a piece of advice that pretty much amounted to:
1) Hi, excuse me.
2) You look awesome / Your outfit looks amazing
3) Can I take a photo of you?

It was still really, really hard. But I'm halfway through my assignment now, and even though I felt like an idiot, I guess it amounted to something. And smiling really helps.

Still slightly terrified, love,
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