Saturday, 15 November 2014


Camera Comfort

Doing some kind of fashion portraiture has always really excited me. Fashion itself has also excited me for a long time, because a lot of my friends didn't have the same degree of passion for it. So when there was somebody who cared about the clothes they put on themselves as much as I did, I get kind of excited. And I really want to take photos of it. So when Kelly hit me up to do some photos, I instantly said yes.

This spot underneath the bridge is one of my favourite shoot locations. I loved all the shots I got from this, so I'm really happy to be sharing this. I guess it's really exciting to forego the not divulging people's faces rule on my blog, because the photography that I really enjoy kind of inevitably involves people's faces. And I get the honor of getting everybody's most flattering angles, you know?
There's a part 2 that's scheduled to happen, so hopefully I'll get more shots uploaded.

Today though, I went out with two dear friends of mine, to location scout Cockatoo Island. So much potential, and I'm so excited to see how things will go with the shoot that's planned for that. I didn't take many photos, except one of a badass seagull. I was taking it easy, because the Terrigal trip thoroughly drained me of my energy levels.

Sincerely, M.
Have a seagull.

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