Tuesday, 18 November 2014

10% Battery

I'm writing this on my new macbook on 10% battery life, which I believe will spurn me on to finish this post quickly (and hopefully still manage to format all my images satisfactorily). I'm doing this to send out my photography excitement into the void of the internet, and wait, like a sad little hermit (that I arguably am) for all the formal photos of BHHS Class of 2014 to turn up in the following days. If there's one thing I am good at in life, it's stalking photos of pretty girls that I don't know, and telling myself off for wishing I could be pretty like them too.

Silly Michelle, what happened to all that about empowerment? And feeling good about yourself? But I really would like to have hair like that. Or legs that long. I guess there's always something you can't have, but you'd like. Maybe it's the fact that what you want to be is so unattainable - and that's what drives you towards to and attracts you even more.

Stop being so deep. Look at some pretty photos of a lovely lady.


The funny thing about the title of this post, is that a friend of mine and I talking last night agreed on the problem of battery power that all photographers faced. And yet I don't think I've reached a point where shooting has drained my battery to a critical condition. I've yet to take photos until my battery was completely drained.

Maybe one day. Love, M.
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