Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Exam Halls

I did some dslr + tripod selfies (legit photographers call this a self portrait but I'm not even close to legit) but I don't really feel like posting them today (maybe at all?) because I'd feel a little vain and I wouldn't have much to say about them. They're not really dp material either they just look nice, I guess.
Today was a pretty tragic day though. HSC exams have started for real and Paper 2 absolutely ruined everybody this time (no wonder, given it's the last year of this syllabus) and really I haven't been feeling all that motivated with studying since the exam this morning. But hopefully I'll have a boost tomorrow and get some actual work done and feel better. This entire month or so is kind of high intensity, high stress so hopefully we'll all make it out alright. I guess it's some consolation that I've got a week until the exam so I can hopefully get some decent cramming in. And maybe I'll redo my nails. They've been burgundy for too long.
More good news is that my friend gave me the makeup brushes I joint-ordered with her a while ago, so that's good fun. Something that perked up my day, haha. It may be time to convert the milk jar I'm currently using as a pencil tin into a brush holder. Am I a hipster yet?

I took this a while ago, hoping to get enough colour contrast for that little spinning wheel to look awesome, but no. So I just desaturated it and fiddled with everything. It works I guess. Just something to fill the space until more things happen after everything with exams clears up.

I'll talk later!
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