Saturday, 27 September 2014

Belated Balmoral Beach

Oh man, don't you just love a good alliteration. Clearly, I'm gearing up for Paper 1. Although AOS is actually by worst module in English so ... go figure. Anyway, I've thought about blogging about graduation at the time, but I really didn't feel up to it then. Like I was tired and fairly stressed and I didn't want to get myself deeper into all the feelings, so I kept it quiet and I didn't update or anything. Fast forward a few days ... I miss my friends a little, because the ones I'm close to I haven't been able to see, really.

Although the real question is - will going to schoolies with my friends 09-14 NOV severely affect my job-seeking opportunities. #unemployment


Beach day was a really wonderful day. Like yes, our grade was quite scattered and people broke off into their own friendship groups so it was more like 159 people had simultaneous picnics going on at separate places, but really, it wasn't bad. We had fun, and we walked around and had water fights and hugged everybody - generally it was good feelings all around. I'd like more beach picnics in my life though.

I feel like I'm meant to say something about how I feel about graduation, and after reading a few graduation reminiscences (is that the word) ... I feel that it's only right to leave down - somewhere - what I actually feel about all this.
So graduating is a pretty weird feeling. I'm more desensitised to it now, because it's been a week and a bit and all the initial rocky feelings have settled down. Looking back at this past 6 years of school ... I'm quite conflicted. To be honest, in the last few of years of it, I spent a fair portion of it thinking that JRAHS wasn't the place for me. I had my reasons for thinking this, and I think I was justified in thinking those thoughts. But at the same time, I've become the person I am today largely because of the school I've gone to. I can't pinpoint which personality traits I can attribute to JRAHS influence, and it's probably best not to - but I can say JRAHS has been both a good and a bad influence on me. But that goes for all things. Nothing is black and white.
I think I will give people some shout-outs though. Explicit as it is. And well, as exclusive it is. If there's anything that Belonging has taught me - it's that in order to establish a community where you feel included, that necessarily means that somebody has to be excluded. But I guess that's okay, because we can't be friends with the whole of the universe. We just don't have the mental capacity to achieve that (yet?). Anyway. Here goes --

Sandy, for being there from day 1 #startedfromthebottomnowwehere
Sarah, for being constant, loving, and committed
Clement, for opening your heart
Paul, for teaching me some truths
Kevin, for being like a brother to me, and growing up with me
Donna, for being generous, and holding hands with me every step of the way
Jenny, for teaching me enthusiasm, positivity, and resilience
Kelly, for your open arms and warm heart
Sen, for teaching me that it's the skills that matter (not the gear)
Jonathan, for being tolerant and kind
Manjekah, for being an inspiration
Leo, for being my best friend and most loved.

With love, 
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