Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Quad's Greatest Shave - JRAHS

Funny how it's the quad --> quadschools. Which is next Monday. Which I will have my camera around for. Which is also supposedly when jerseys are arriving. I also have cadets in the afternoon. The general gist of the next few days is that I'll be busy and exams are getting closer and I swear I'm going to have a moment of shock and fear where I realise I am totally not prepared for the next batch of assessments. I'm blogging instead, who am I kidding?
It was really lovely to see everyone getting into World's Greatest Shave. I feel like every year, there's this one girl who shaves off her hair and everybody is like holy /dead. So proud of Anna though, she's such a lovely kid, haha. Prefects were also doing entire-head hairspray which was overwhelming, but some of the hair that resulted (I think mainly those out of Jenny's booth) looked incredible. The stray hairs in the photo below I had internal conflict about though.

I also reserve the right to "show off" (?) this lucky and gorgeous candid. I wish people were more open to having photos of them taken. It's the photographer's job to make you look good, and don't worry, if they don't succeed the photo never sees the light of day. Why the fear, I wonder sometimes. At any rate, K is gorgeous.

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