Saturday, 19 April 2014

Mt Wilson - The Search for Leaves

I've been out two days in a row and I now have this growing feeling of - gee I want to stay at home forever (but I can't because I'm going out on Monday again, haha). I'm also going to have to make up for two days of carefree adventures with solid study (and this isn't even really against my will) so I'll do my best. HSC is so hard dangit. I did have a good time yesterday (many thanks to Leo's parents) and I got a few nice photos. Autumn leaves really are the best thing.

This dog was absolutely adorable oh my goodness. Her name is Mally and apparently she really adores girls hahaha. When I went to pat her, she leapt up on me - she had her paws on my knees and was trying to lick me haha. She actually did lick me several times and I felt very overwhelmed by the affection.
Til next time.
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