Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Carriageworks: #19BOS

Went to check out Carriageworks yesterday - and it's probably the last of Biennale that I'll get to see this holidays (which are coming to a close). I have mixed feelings about this day, although it was so incredibly wonderful to see Manjekah and Janice again in real life! Hanging out and talking in person is completely different than online. I guess it's easy to be lured into thinking that you're spending time with somebody, just because you're messaging them, but somehow it's just not like that. It just isn't. Also Carriageworks was easily even more interpretative and far-fetched than the MCA and Cockatoo Island combined (the latter, when I think about it, is more tourist-y by nature).


We also went around and ended up seeing another exhibition that was on; Romance was Born. And it was utterly gorgeous, haha. I believe it is affiliated with fashion and actually does runway shows (but not 100% on this), would have to do some research on that.

Afterwards we spent a while thinking about what to eat for lunch and went for an aimless walk around Redfern. Given that it was a public holiday, it seemed that only the small cafes were open, but none of us were really that inclined on heading in and eating at one, but we did turn into a vintage clothing store. The lighting was so dim inside so I didn't really get that many decent photos, but man, the decor. I think my ISO was ramped up in there and even then my camera decided to go with slower shutter speed. Then we ended up spending a disproportionate amount of time buying train tickets and talking about Opal cards. No more contemplating buying a return or a single and missing trains due to ticket queues! Just a couple of small reasons to make the switch.

N2 Extreme Gelato doesn't lie when on its menu, it says it'll blowtorch your Creme Brulee icecream. They actually blow torched it, I was stunned. And it was surprising filling, like the cup was completely filled with icecream. Gosh it was so dense and so good. I really want to come back with Leo, haha. It's such a treat, and to be honest, is a bit of a splurge, but I figure that's part of the fun.
'Til next time then.
With love, from M
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