Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Wall

Dug up the photos I took a short while ago of the prettiest rose I have ever received and I thought I may as well commemorate its existence before I air dry it. Dried flowers just never quite reflect their former glory, and admittedly, I don't know what I'm going to do with all of these dried flowers I collect over the years. I don't press them either, so it's not like they're easy to store either. Go figure.

Friday, 14 February 2014

JRAHS - Valentine's

School life has been incredibly active as of late because of what's been happening and this means a lot of chances to take pretty photos of pretty people doing pretty things, which is on its own a lovely thing, indeed. My only issue with this is that I'm not entirely comfortable with posting people's faces up here so I guess I'll see what I can do. Also my mum has been making a lot of cakes lately so I feel like I'm been getting more bloated -- but it's okay, nothing a good run can't fix!

One of my regrets of Valentine's Day dance was casually forgetting that my ISO had been bumped up quite massively from a couple of test shots in a dark hall, contributing to 1/2000s shutter speeds and the grainy aftermath I was sad about. 

Ironically, I have no good photos of actual roses on Valentine's Day which is completely silly but whatever, let me be alternative. And hopefully I'm doing a good job of protecting people's privacy by not revealing (full) faces. Also I'm pretty much in love with my 35mm and I never change back to my kit lens (which is the only one I find really functional for portraits out of my other lenses inherited from my dad). 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Xu Kitchen

Most days in the school term, are rather dull and nothing ever happens at all - at least, nothing worth photographing, I'll say, but it's always nice to have a mum who used to be a pastry chef. Mum hasn't really seriously baked anything for a while, but the combination of having a brother come home and a new, functioning oven is probably very encouraging. I've been smelling chocolate wafting from the oven for the past two days now, and it's a welcome smell.

Nikon d5000, 35mm f1.8 | edited with PS CS2

Friday, 7 February 2014

West Ryde - Home Address

So school has started and really, I can't say that much has happened. I'm keeping myself busy with organising various school issues and studying. I try to keep up with my homework, especially this year of all years. I was very excited though, when my National Library of Australia library card came in the mail. I wonder if my parents are wondering why on earth I'm signing up to all these official libraries.

In other news, I'm looking forward to taking a lot of pretty photos (I hope) next week given that Valentine's Day Dance (aka Summer Lovin' Dance) and Valentine's Day is Friday next week too. So hopefully my prefect friends will let me in for some nice photos. I guess I could document for them if Sen isn't on the job already (and he's stunning).

In the meantime, went back and tweaked some rather uninspired little bits. I think I went somewhat overboard on the contrast there. Shall take note.

all taken on Nikon d5000 | 35mm f1.8G; edited in PS CS2
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