Saturday, 25 January 2014


These past two days, Sen has been over filming his Ext 2 major work and during the first day of filming my 35mm had actually arrived - exactly after we had finished filming a cut! (The timing was absolutely superb) And we took some test shots using the new lens during the last few hours of the shoot but of course, the obligatory mirror shot which I took this morning:

So today was a 6 month anniversary and the plan was to go to Collaroy but given forecasts of strong winds, we fell back to our (always) backup of the Museum of Contemporary Art. The MCA is generally very on/off with the exhibitions that they bring in but I was perfectly delighted to have gone seen Yoko Ono's WAR IS OVER (if you want it). I really adored the interactive chess - we played two games and I lost both. Chess has never been my thing, as it turns out.

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