Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Carlingford - West Ryde

I think during the last few weeks of holidays - or the last week of 2 -week holidays, I always grow restless and really wish I could head back to school and just start term already. So I guess the cadet meeting we held at school today was a breath of fresh air (old air, technically, because during term, I'm there, day in, day out). I think I just really miss my friends.
Two of the senior rank are avid bike riders.  I kind of wish I had one of those simple, cute, vintage ones, but then I realise I am never going to bike anywhere, except like, the local park, because I am scared that I will re-enact a childhood accident where I slid down a hill and had epic cuts and grazes down the length of one arm.
The blue Volkswagen Beetle is a vehicle that I've always adored, if only for its shape. I'm rather charmed by its curves and I eye it enviously from my window whenever it's parked. Volkswagon stopped manufacturing this model and when I found out I was absolutely horrified. I may have to buy a Toyota GT86 now for my first car.
Nikon d5000, 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G kit lens | edited in PS CS2

I am still desperately awaiting my new baby and dearly hoping my mum will come home and verify her payment with Digital Camera Warehouse so they'll actually ship the beautiful thing. Clearly, I am very in love with my new lens, and I haven't even touched it yet. I hope I won't disappoint myself with mediocre skill. (I'll try.)
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